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Speedratings produces Australia’s best alternative form guide for thoroughbred racing in Melbourne and Sydney, providing unique information that cannot be sourced elsewhere - with a proven track record of success. 

First published on the Internet in 1998, Speedratings is the longest running, and most successful provider of speedfigures for thoroughbred racing in Australia. 

Speedfigures are the only measure that can consistently and accurately separate racing fact from racing fiction. If it’s not a Speedratings speedfigure, it’s just another confusing opinion. 

Traditional (the usual) ratings are a subjective exercise: an opinion. Speedfigures are an objective measure of data. Rather than debate the worth of a 3rd placing at Flemington opposed to a win at Warwick Farm, why not instead refer to the numerical value a speedfigure places upon each.

Speedfigures are not predictive of future events, but they will provide you with the only true objective assessment of that which has taken place before: a tried and true measure (not mere opinion) of how each horse has performed in relation to others it is competing against. A number. A time-tested true value.

Speedratings has been producing speed data since 1989 - and providing this service on the Internet since 1998.

Speedratings was a pioneer in bringing the concept of speedfigures to Australia, and is still providing to this day a cost-effective (best value for money) accurate service for subscribers around Australia and overseas.

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Traditional form guides do little more than list finishing positions of horses in races across different venues, over varying distances. All well and good - but what does it mean, and how to decipher?

In contrast, a speedfigure allocated to a performance gives a numerical value and measure. Par values at different racetracks - across varying distances - are adapted to equalise the vagaries and differences of tracks, and distances. In my own example, over 20 years of data has been refined (and redefined) to ensure that balance remains true. Each Speedratings speedfigure has a significance in isolation, and import and purpose when used in comparison between different horses. Speedratings speedfigures identify best performed horses over the long term (career best speedfigures) - and importantly, identifies horses performing best at the moment (best recent speed). Speedratings speedfigures can highligh past performances (best performed horse) on wet tracks (colour coded for easy reference); best performances on different racetracks (i.e., a Moonee Valley specialist with 80% of speed data being from that venue); best performances over a variety of distances.

Remember, an opinion is not data. It is always, and forever, an opinion. Speedfigures are values set against benchmarks of time and are readily converted into a numerical value system. Real data. Real information. Allocating a number to a horse upon impressions of a win is simply not data.  

There are many ways to assess a horse and a race. Some use ratings - which are in effect a number given to an opinion (which would not hold up against rigorous thinking and scrutiny) - and even such unlikely measures as ‘trends’ in races - seeing patterns which may, or may not, actually be there (the human brain is adept at finding patterns from random events). A belief that past results, (patterns) from completely different horses, will have some bearing on the outcome of an upcoming race is nothing more than fantasy. 

And how many have had fingers burnt following best sectional times, only to find the same horse repeating the same pattern and flashing home for 4th of 5th (yet) again. For the full story of the race you must review the full measure.

Once again I will add that speedfigures are not predictive: they cannot foretell the future. But speedfigures give us the best indication of what has truly happened before - and in the world of horseracing, that can only be described in one true word: form.

"People have opinions - horses have the facts"

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